Canada immigration funds Toronto program for minorities

The Canadian Government will be providing $300,000 of funding over four years to provide learning opportunities from ethnic groups to help them better participate in Canadian society. This was announced recently by Colin Carrie, Oshawa Member of Parliament on behalf of Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. MP Colin Carrie had the following to say:
“Canada’s future depends on all of us growing together through our shared values, history and institutions.”
“Through initiatives such as the Civic Awareness Project, we are acting to ensure that this future will be built by all Canadians, including newcomers, as we continue strengthening our proud and democratic society.”
Agincourt Community Services Association will help 240 people mainly from the Chinese, Afghani and Somali communities. This will cover the following:
* Learning activities regarding the Canadian democratic process.

* The structure of government.

* The rights and responsibilities associated with Canadian citizenship.

* Leadership Training.

Gael Gilbert, Executive Director of the Agincourt Community Services Association had the following to say:
“For many new Canadians, there are significant roadblocks to full civic participation in Canada, and we aim to address that through the Civic Awareness Project.” “We are very pleased that the Government of Canada is supporting this initiative.”
Citizenship and Immigration Canada provides support to a number of programs that they feel leads to greater intercultural understanding and to a more equal society.