Canadian Immigration Minister visit to include India, China and Philippines

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is currently on a visit to various Countries in the World. Immigration Minister Kenney will be visiting Paris, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Hong Kong, Beijing and Manila. The Immigration Minister will be trying to reduce immigration fraud. There have been concerns about marriages of convenience and crooked immigration consultants.In Paris the Canadian immigration minister will meet with various European Ministers including the French immigration minister about illegal immigration, border security, human trafficking and smuggling, and the resettlement of refugees.

Immigration Minister Keeney in his visit to Chandigarh, India, will discuss progress on anti-fraud initiatives since his previous meeting in January 2009 with the Chief Minister of Punjab. The Immigration Minister said: “In 2009, our Chandigarh mission was seeing a large volume of fraudulent documents being submitted as part of immigration applications, including fake marriage licenses, fake death certificates, fake university admission letters, fake wedding photos, fake bank statements, fake visa counterfoils, fake newspaper articles, and fake letters of endorsement from Members of Parliament.”
“At the time, Punjab officials indicated they shared my concern with this illegal activity and committed to crack down on crooked consultants. Since then, there have been media reports of a number of arrests in Punjab of crooked immigration consultants. I look forward to discussing progress made to-date and our continued cooperation on this issue.”
On a positive note Immigration Minister Kenney will also give a talk in Punjab on the significant increases in the approval rate for temporary resident visas and the volume of applications since 2005. The Immigration Minister in his visits to New Delhi, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Manila will also look at the effects of increased skilled immigration to Canada. There will also be a joint announcement with the government of Manitoba and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges in Beijing and an announcement about international students.

Immigration Minister Kenney in his visit to Philippines will explain the new laws for live-in caregivers. Many live-in caregivers are from the Philippines; More and more of the immigrants to Canada are from the Philippines. In recent years it has become more difficult overall to gain immigration to Canada. If you on the occupation list or find a suitable job it is still possible to emigrate to Canada. Canada remains one of the most popular immigration destination Countries in the World.