Discussing the BRIDGE and SAFE act protecting DREAMERS

In this video, attorney Jacob J. Sapochnick discusses the all new BRIDGE and SAFE Act; two pieces of legislation that have been introduced before Congress. For more information just keep on watching.


On December 9, 2016 Senator Graham and other Senators introduced the “Bar Removal of Individuals who Dream and Grow our Economy” (BRIDGE) act which will give current DACA holders “provisional protected presence” for a three year period, as well as undocumented persons who are eligible for the program, but who have not yet applied. The BRIDGE act is designed to protect “Dreamers” (recipients of DACA) from deportation, and allow them to keep the temporary employment authorization (EAD) they currently possess. The introduction of the BRIDGE act signals that we may not be seeing the end of the DACA program after all.

In a separate piece of legislation Senator Flake introduced the SAFE act designed to protect the DACA population from deportation. In addition, the bill contains an enforcement provision designed to crack down on unlawfully present persons who have been arrested of certain crimes. The bill would require the mandatory detention of unlawfully present persons who have been arrested of certain crimes. Under this bill, a person would be subject to detention if arrested of a “certain crime” and a conviction would not be required. Furthermore, the bill would also require the individual to remain in detention even after the arrest proceedings are ended, and remain in detention while their immigration proceedings are pending, and mandates that those proceedings be completed within 90 days. While the SAFE act provides temporary protections for DACA recipients, it adds severe enforcement provisions for undocumented persons arrested of certain crimes.

For read more about the BRIDGE act please click here.

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