European Parliament vote on Romania, Bulgaria joining the Schengen Area

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hails the favorable vote returned by the European Parliament, by a wide margin (487 votes in favor, 77 votes against and 29 abstentions) today, June 8th, 2011, to Romania and Bulgaria joining the Schengen Area. By this vote the European parliament is sending a clear political message in support of Romania’s quickest joining of the Schengen Area.

The fact that beyond the actual recognition of Romania’s meeting the accession criteria under the Schengen acquis, the European political groups and parliamentarians in general adopted an extremely constructive, principled approach throughout the debates in recognizing the advanced stage of our preparations and, by way of consequence, in declaring open support for our accession.

In the current European context today’s favorable vote reconfirms that the European Parliament remains deeply attached to the European emblematic projects, and that enhancing cooperation at European level is extremely valuable and allows our citizens to appreciate the full benefits of the European construction.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses hope that the positive message conveyed by the European Parliament today with its confidence vote given Romania for its joining the Schengen Area will allow for the adoption by the Council, within the shortest delays, of the decision concerning Romania joining the Schengen Area.