Hungary is going for strict immigration rules

We have witnessed stricter immigration rules to tackle the gross misuse of Visa system globally. There is confirmation that Hungary is tightening its immigration rules to deter foreigners from gaming the EU system. Non-EU citizens whom the authorities can prove married or got adopted for the sake of obtaining a residence permit will be forced to leave the country should lawmakers pass the bill which aims to bring Hungary in line with EU law.

Further, students who enroll in Hungarian higher education in order to gain free travel within the EU face tougher admission requirements, such as having to prove that they possess the language skills required to start their studies. In turn, Universities must inform the authorities about new foreign students within eight days and let them know if they break off their studies or fail to enroll by the deadline. Employers, including research institutes, will be fined if their non-EU employees fail to leave after their permits expire. If a foreigner violates Hungarian migration rules, they will be banned from all EU countries. Rules for refugee applicants will also be tightened. The authorities will have the right to send immigrants to their home country if their application is turned down once. Currently immigrants have a second chance to apply before being sent home.