Indian visa facilitated to Sri Lankans

In a major relief to Sri Lankans traveller, the Indian High Commission said recently that Lankans who apply for a visa to travel to India on a particular day, will receive it the next day, if it happens to be a working day. If a person submits a visa application form to the Indian High Commission, the visa will be issued on the next working day.

“Earlier, there was a delay in issuing visas due to the war situation in the country. Since there is no security threat, the Indian High Commission has taken a decision to accelerate the process of issuing visas,” sources said. Visa applicants were earlier referred to New Delhi and once the green light was given from New Delhi, visa was issued by the Colombo office.

A senior official of the Indian High Commission said that considering the normality in the country, the Indian government has relaxed rules on issuing visas to Sri Lankan applicants. He said that if the situation improves further, issuing of visas will be carried out over the counter.