Indonesia Embassy to provide consular services in Belait

THE consular staff of the Indonesia Embassy in Brunei will be visiting Kuala Belait from December 25-26, to provide consular services for Indonesians living in the area.

In a statement made available to The Brunei Times yesterday the embassy will also brief expatriates residing in the Belait District on the regulation on employment order and immigration act stipulated in the country for those working here.

The consular services will take place at Syarikat Asoh Raya (Driving School) No: 456, Lot 1600 Kampung Mumong, Jalan Singa Mentiri, Kuala Belait. The two-day event will be conducted from 2pm to 5pm on Sunday, while on Sunday it will be opened from 8am to 4.30pm. “Considering the importance of this activity, the embassy hopes that the Indonesian community or the Indonesian migrant workers living in Belait District are able to take this opportunity at its best,” the statement said.

The Indonesian community who need assistance in consultation related to labour regulation, passport renewal, paper work legalisation, and reporting their domicile in the country are encouraged to come to the gathering. Referring to the Indonesia Foreign Ministerial Regulation on Citizen Service, an integrated system has been provided for the protection of Indonesian citizens, including expatriates working abroad.

According to a data provided by the embassy, there are currently a total of 50,839 Indonesia’s expatriates working in the Sultanate. Out of the total number, 27,401 are working in the informal sector such as domestic helpers, while the remaining 17,700 are those working at the formal sector such as in the oil and gas industry, constructions, medical, agriculture, and service sector.