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All U.S. Consular Sections worldwide will introduce a two-tiered fee structure for nonimmigrant visas. This structured system coincides with a small global application fee increase, designed to balance the costs of recent enhancements to the visa application process.

All applicants for business or tourism (B-1/B-2), crew member (C-1/D), student (F or M), or exchange (J) categories will now pay $140 and receive a white receipt. Petition-based work visas (H, L, O, P, Q, and R categories) will now pay $150 and receive a green receipt. These two receipts will still be purchased at approved Banks branches. K (fiancé) applicants will now pay $350 and will continue to pay their fees at the Consular Section.

Applicants who purchased their receipts before June 4 will pay the balance between the old and new fees at the time of the interview. The previous application fee was $131 for all visas.