South Africa facilitates visas for journalists to promote tourism

The national and regional director for Africa of South Africa Tourism, Phumi Dhlomo said that Angolan journalists who wish to travel to South Africa for reporting activity, mainly in tourism sector, may benefit from certain facilities, such as visa concession and authorization to work in that Southern Africa country.

The official released this information to journalists, during a meeting in the South African Embassy, with the aim to let know that South Africa wants to cooperate with the Angolan mass media organs on publishing information about the country, mainly concerning tourism.

According to Phumi Dhlomo, the South African government is interested in understanding Angolan mass media, such as, news agency, radio stations, newspapers and television stations to establish partnerships and promote this country, in several areas, as well as a tourism destination.

“We are interested in knowing how well Angolan mass media know South Africa. We broadcast a lot of information in the countries where we work and Angola is one of them chosen for this purpose”, said Phumi Dhlomo. The diplomat informed that the government of his country pointed out tourism sector as priority to strengthen cooperation with Angola.