My American Job: The Foreigner’s Ultimate Guide to Finding Employment in the United States

In this video, attorney Jacob J. Sapochnick Esq. discusses his new book, My American Job, designed to teach immigrants just like you how to land a job in the United States. Attorney Sapochnick came to the United States many years ago to fulfill his dream of studying and eventually practicing law in the state of California. After graduating law school, he learned just how difficult it was for a foreign national to get hired. In his book, Jacob provides helpful tips and strategies that will help you find your place in the American workforce.

Get advice and strategies on how to:

  1. Be prepared, physically, mentally and financially, to maximize your chances for long term job success;
  2. Overcome misconceptions and objections U.S. employers have about hiring foreign workers;
  3. Navigate the job application and interview processes;
  4. Land the job including how to leverage social media sites;
  5. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus for job searching;
  6. Adapt to U.S. business customs, ideas, etiquette, and protocol;
  7. Read about the real life success of foreigners who now live and work in the U.S.

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