Canadian work visas for Indian investors

The India of today is shining in real sense. The recent concluded G-20 summit in South Korea affirmed the views of India in terms of financial independence. The narrative space within which this triadic India is situated today defies any specific statistical analysis. It is inevitable that a India surges ahead on its own steam, and that is what India shining denotes—the rebirth of a nation in terms of self-awareness, self-consciousness, self confidence, and the desire to take on the world. This is India shining.

Canadian Govt. too add a feather in India shining campaign by planning to invite Indian entrepreneurs to buy small companies in Canada that do not have succession plans through their Investor Visa program. Minister for advanced education, Rob Norris, explained, “nearly 40 percent of the SMEs do not have succession plans. In order have continuity of business we invite Indian entrepreneurs to explore acquisition of such SMEs.”
The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is hoping to attract Indian investors to move to Canada and buy SMEs in the region. The province is also keen to attract Indian students studying in Canada to stay on living and working in the country in order to enhance the local economy and create jobs.

In order to try to make this happen, Norris is now leading a delegation of officials to India to try to cement relationships between the two countries. He explained that attracting Indian investment will safeguard thousands of jobs and the huge contribution SMEs make to the local economy. The program is intending to attract C$100 million in investment from India. Norris says Saskatchewan is the perfect destination for firms focusing on research and development and state capital Saskatoon is one of Canada’s top ten entrepreneurial cities. This makes it a great destination for Canadian work visa holders and others looking to move to Canada.

It is the time which demands sincere commitments from India to make it a good deal.