China’s first e-passports to take effect in July

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China announced on its official website on Wednesday that China’s first electronic passport, introduced on January 30 of this year, will take effect beginning July 1.

According to the announcement, the ministry has informed other countries of the electronic passport by providing the new passport sample, description and electronic certificate and has asked for the necessary cooperation from foreign governments.

The e-passport features an electronic data storage chip that contains personal information about the passport holder, including photos and fingerprints, which greatly increase security and the credibility of the passport.

The e-passport for foreign affairs carries images of China in the background, including sights of the Great Wall, while the common e-passport features the images of Chinese world cultural sites in front of images of red Chinese-style knots, according the Department of Consular Affairs. A member of the department said that the ministry will also continue to issue traditional passports, as the switch to e-passports will take some time.