Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author John Assaraf Endorses Jacob Sapochnick’s Book “My American Job”

In this video, entrepreneur, business owner, and best-selling author John Assaraf, discusses attorney Jacob J. Sapochnick’s book “My American Job,” and how it can help immigrants just like you land a job in the United States. As a Canadian, who immigrated to the United States long ago, John Assaraf knows first hand how difficult it is to immigrate to the United States and have a shot at achieving the American dream.

“My American Job” gives you advice and strategies on how to:

  1. Be prepared, physically, mentally and financially, to maximize your chances for long term job success;
  2. Overcome misconceptions and objections U.S. employers have about hiring foreign workers;
  3. Navigate the job application and interview processes;
  4. Land the job including how to leverage social media sites;
  5. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus for job searching;
  6. Adapt to U.S. business customs, ideas, etiquette, and protocol;
  7. Read about the real life success of foreigners who now live and work in the U.S.

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