Government eases visa process for business execs: Costa Rica

In an effort to cater to foreign investors and businesses, President Chinchilla signed a new policy this week that will grant 2-year temporary residencies to foreign executives and employees in Costa Rica. Certain foreign companies operating in free-trade zones and the tourism, export, import and business sectors will now have an easier time at the Costa Rican immigration office.

The laborious process of obtaining a visa in Costa Rica will soon become easier, thanks to a new regulation signed by President Laura Chinchilla. The new “Foreign Business Registration Policy” will expedite the visa process for foreign business executives and employees working and investing in Costa Rica.The policy change will grant two-year temporary residencies to foreign executives, managers and technical personnel employed in free-trade zones or by the tourism, telecommunications, airlines, and import and export sectors.

A representative of the Foreign Trade Ministry (COMEX) told that this policy doesn’t apply to individuals unless they are employed by foreign businesses or operations that fit the criteria outlined by the government agencies.