How to Immigrate a Spouse from Overseas: I-130 Marriage Petition Step By Step

In this post, Attorney Jacob Sapochnick Esq,  will explain the process of immigrating a foreign spouse to the United States utilizing ShowMe drawing technology.

The first part of the process is to file the marriage petition I-130 with USCIS.

Once approved, the following steps take place after you have submitted all required forms and documents to the NVC: 

Step 1

If you are the beneficiary of an I-130 petition, you should contact your petitioner to ensure that they have completed Affidavit of Support Processing.

Step 2

Once the NVC has received your forms and documents, the NVC will review your immigrant visa application and may request additional information from you.

Step 3

Approximately one month before your visa interview appointment, you will receive an appointment letter containing the date and time of the interview, along with instructions for obtaining a medical examination.

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