Jacob Sapochnick on KUSI News: International Adoptions from Russia Stopped by a recent Bill

Our segment starts at 0:51. Attorney Jacob Sapochick appearing on KUSI Evening News December 28, 2012 discussing the US Adoption ban by Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a measure that bans the adoption the Russian children by U.S. families effective January 1.

The Russian measure also bars any political activities by nongovernmental organizations receiving funding from the United States, if such activities could affect Russian interests, Russia’s semiofficial RIA-Novosti news agency said.

And it imposes sanctions against U.S. officials thought to have violated human rights.

The law envisions the drafting of a list of U.S. citizens who will be prohibited from entering Russia, and will suspend the activity of any legal entities controlled by them in the country.

The law is named after a Russian orphan adopted by a family from Purcellville, Virginia who died of heat stroke after being in a parked car for nine hours. The law is described as a response to the Magnitsky bill in the United States, which places sanctions on Russian officials who were involved in a tax scandal exposed by Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

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