New UK student visa restrictions overturned by court

The decision to block the new UK immigration restrictions, introduced by former Home Secretary Alan Johnson, has been welcomed by language schools across the country.Rules that would have prevented UK student visa holders moving to the UK unless they had sufficient language skills, have been overturned by a judge.

The ruling came from Mr Justice Foskett, who criticised the fact that the new rules were to be established through changes to existing guidelines. He concluded that the rules should have been legally binding, which would have required them to be approved by parliament.

English UK, a group that represents 440 language schools around the UK, is celebrating the ruling. The group’s chief executive, Tony Milns, said, “We believe that his decision is good for the UK economy, to which the English language sector contributes about £1.5 billion in foreign earnings each year.”
Home Secretary, Theresa May, may choose to make if she still wants to introduce measures to prevent people abusing the UK student visa system. She can either remake Alan Johnson’s rules and make sure the are approved by MPs before being introduced, or she can postpone any changes until the effects of her new cap on non-EU UK immigration are established.