Changes to US visa fees announced

The fees for US visa applications have changed for the second time this year. As a result of the changes announced by the US Department of State, US visa applications for immigrants sponsored by immediate family, will now cost $330. Visa applications on employment-based cases, i.e applications for US work visas, will see fees increase to $720.

The fee changes, which are chargeable from yesterday (13 July 2010) affect all 301 US foreign consular offices as well as other passport and US visas offices serving US citizens. Other visa fee changes were announced on 4 June this year. The increase in fees has been introduced to make sure the rising cost of providing consular services can be met, according to press releases sent to all consular offices.

The changes are the result of an exhaustive cost of service study, which was carried out last summer. The study developed a clearer picture of the cost to the US immigration department of providing its services. The department says it is keen to make sure that costs are met by the service users, rather than by the US taxpayer.