O-1 Visas for Extraordinary Ability Individuals

In this video, Attorney Jacob Sapochnick Esq,  will explain the O-1 visa process for extraordinary individuals.

The O1 visa is a temporary work visa for people with extraordinary ability in athletics, arts, business, education or science as demonstrated through sustained national or international acclaim. The O1 visa permits those who have reached the top level of expertise to come to the US to work in their field for an US employer or agent.

In order to qualify as a person of extraordinary ability, the applicant must demonstrate that they have risen above others in their field to the point where they have gained national and international recognition for their work. They must also show that they are coming to the United States for a temporary period of time in order to continue work related to their field of expertise.

In the fields of athletics, business, education, and science, extraordinary ability refers to a great level of expertise, in which the applicant falls within the top few percent of individuals in their respective field.

In the fields of arts, extraordinary ability refers to distinction. The applicant must show that they have a much greater level of skill and recognition than the majority of individuals in their respective field, indicating that they can be described as a leading or prominent individual in the arts.

In the field of the television and film industry, extraordinary ability refers to a skill or recognition that far exceeds that normally found in the industry. The person must be described as outstanding, notable, or a leader in their field.

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