San Diego EB5 Visa Lawyer: Jacob Sapochnick on NBC Discussing EB5 Investments and Regional Centers

This is a Bootleg Version of the “Politically Speaking” NBC weekend show. In this segment Jacob Sapochnick and San Diego’s Chamber of Commerce President discuss the benefits of EB5 Regional Center investments in the region.

There are many advantages for business organizations that receive EB-5 Regional Center designation from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Becoming a Regional Center is an attractive way for a business project to raise low interest debt and in some situations equity. Raising capital via eb5 pilot program is quite unique as compared to traditional sources of funding and it is an ever evolving industry; the Eb-5 program started becoming more popular as lending became tougher in 2007. The requirements posed by the regulation creates guidelines and the Eb-5 market placed has created its own standards and norms over the past couple of years. Basically an evolution. Eb-5 is typically non-recourse which makes it attractive for certain developers or business owners. There are two ways of funding a project with Eb-5 Capital; a Direct Investment or a Regional Center. The Regional Center is more popular because the designation makes some USCIS requirements less stringent for EB-5 visa applicants. Regional Centers are held to more lenient job creation requirements than Direct EB-5 Investment which focuses on direct job creation. Rather than being required to create 10 direct fulltime jobs, Regional Centers can satisfy EB-5 job creation requirements by creating 10 direct, indirect, or induced fulltime jobs.

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