All about the SENTRI Program

What is the SENTRI Program? In this video, Attorney Jacob J Sapochnick, Esq.,  explains the SENTRI Program and the reasons behind SENTRI card denials.

The SENTRI (Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection) program, launched by US Customs and Border Protection, is a system of commuter lanes where prescreened applicants and vehicles are allowed to cross the border Northbound into the US more quickly and efficiently. The enrollees have been rigorously background checked and have been determined to be a low risk to the security of the US border. As one approaches the inspection area, photos and information are given to the inspector about the driver, passengers and vehicle from the SENTRI decal on the vehicle and the information on the SENTRI Portpass card. Secondary inspection is randomly determined by computer or if the inspector senses something suspicious.

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