Attorney Jacob Sapochnick Discusses the Future of Immigration under Donald Trump

In this video, attorney Jacob J. Sapochnick discusses the future of immigration law under President elect Donald Trump. For more information just keep on watching.


Donald Trump is set to become the next President of the United States on January 20, 2017. Due to his polarizing stance on immigration, many Americans are living in fear of deportation, while others ask themselves: how might immigration law change under the Donald Trump administration? The good news is that in recent interviews Donald Trump has dramatically scaled back his views on immigration, stating that he will prioritize the deportation of criminal persons residing in the country illegally which he estimates will affect about 3 million undocumented immigrations, although he continues to maintain that a wall must be built along the U.S. Mexico border. In terms of high skilled immigration, he has been highly critical of work visa programs such as the H-1B program. He has stated that Americans should have the opportunity to fill occupations being offered to foreign nationals first.

At this point we have some understanding of Donald Trump’s immigration policies however many questions still remain unanswered. Above all we would like to remind our readers that it is very important that we remain calm. We must keep in mind that any changes that Donald Trump is interested in pursuing will not happen overnight.  Even if Trump tries to change current immigration laws as President, other branches of government must vote on the proposed legislation for these policies to become law. As soon as President Trump takes office in January we will know more about the changes he plans to make to current immigration law. Thus far, we have seen a much more subdued Donald Trump, which was a very different Trump than was seen on the campaign trail as it relates to immigration.

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