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In this episode attorney Jacob Sapochnick, Esq. explains how a foreigner can apply for a work visa/permit and the steps required to do so. It is important for foreigners to understand that most work visas require an employer who is willing to sponsor a foreign worker and most work permits are usually a benefit of some sort of a petition.  If you are a foreigner and your spouse has a J visa, an L visa or an E visa you are allowed to work with a general permit. An H1B visa has a small exemption for self-employment.

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In this video Attorney Jacob J Sapochnick Esq., discusses potential visa pathways for foreign entrepreneurs. Non-immigrant visa pathways may allow foreign entrepreneurs to explore or start a new business in the United States. The immigrant visa pathways may allow foreign entrepreneurs who have already started or are about to start a new business in the United States to immigrate permanently to the United States.

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There are thousands of employment opportunities all over the United States. But the simple fact is that finding a good job with an employer willing to go through the visa petitioning process can be quite difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Most employers are simply not interested in sponsoring immigrants for visas.

One of the most frequent and difficult questions that international workers ask is “When and how should I tell a prospective employer that I am a foreign worker?” There is certainly no easy or correct answer to this question. Watch our video and hope that you can get some answers here!