Emirates ID card must for children under age 15

All national children under the age of 15 must have an Emirates ID card by the end of this month, the Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) said yesterday.

Although no penalties have been set for families that fail to meet the deadline, officials said they hoped people would be prompt. “There are only a few locals who did not do it yet,” an Eida official said. “That is why we set a deadline.”
Non-nationals are also required to apply for ID cards for children under the age of 15, but no deadline has been set. The cards will be required for anyone renewing their residency visa. That, the official said, would be considered their deadline.

Newcomers to the country will be required to obtain an ID card for their children on arrival. “It will help to see how many people are in the UAE,” the official said. “And it will help the Government in so many things.”
Children do not have to be present at the typing centre when their parents apply for the ID cards. Unlike adults, children do not have to give fingerprints. A parent or guardian must bring passport and visa copies and a passport-sized photo of the child on a light blue background. Any child who has a passport needs an ID card. The cost for children is Dh120.