South African visa now needed for transit through to other countries

South Africa’s Department of Foreign Affairs has announced that it now requires transit visas from people wishing to pass through the country to reach neighboring nations. The statement from the department stated, “The Department of Foreign Affairs informs the public that the South African Embassy will be requiring transit visas from non-visa exempt foreigners who will pass through South Africa to its neighboring countries.”
The requirement for the new South African visa was implemented as of 1 June 2010 and the processing of the visas takes around 10 days. Fellow Africans from neighboring countries such as Nigeria are likely to be the most affected by the changes to the South African visa rules and will now have to ensure that they have a transit visa in place if passing through South Africa on their way to other countries.

The requirement will not apply to people traveling through South Africa from the UK as Brits are not required to obtain a South African visa if visiting the country for fewer than 90 days. However, anyone looking to move to South Africa to start a new life in warmer climates, will have to apply for a visa to allow them to live and work in South Africa.