What is the marriage based green card process for persons legally in the US?

In this segment, attorney Jacob J. Sapochnick discusses the marriage based green card process for persons who entered the United States legally. To learn more about adjustment of status within the United States please click here. For information about employment-based green cards click here.


  • The process discussed is only for persons who entered the United States legally (those who were legally inspected through a United States port of entry);
  • If you did not enter the United States legally but are married to a United States citizen, you may qualify for a waiver if you have acquired only unlawful presence in the United States;
  • The US Citizen spouse and the intending immigrant must be legally free to marry. Pending dissolution proceedings in a foreign country will present a problem;
  • Both parties must reside in the United States in order to file for adjustment of status;
  • Once the civil marriage takes place, the USC spouse and intending immigrant must file several forms with CIS along with supporting documents (I-130, I-485, I-864, G-325A, etc.);
  • The intending immigrant will NOT be able to travel internationally until they are issued an advance parole by filing form I-131 with CIS. It takes approximately 90 days for an advance parole document to be issued from the receipt date of the I-131;
  • The intending immigrant will receive conditional permanent residence status if the marriage was less than 2 years old on the day they were given permanent residence;
  • If you have received conditional permanent residence status, you must remove the conditions within the 90 day window immediately before your permanent resident status expires;

For more information about the removal of conditions process please click here. For a consultation please contact us.

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