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I am an H-1B visa holder and just found a new employer, when can I start working for the new employer?

In this segment, attorney Jacob J. Sapochnick answers one of our most frequently asked questions: I am an H-1B visa holder, and just found a new job. How can I start working for my new employer? To learn more about the H-1B visa click here.


  • You may start working for a new employer, as soon as you have found a committed employer willing to file a petition for you. However, you do not need your petition to be filed in order to start working for the new employer. Additionally, you do not need to have an approval for the new employment in order to begin employment;
  • The American Competitiveness 21st Century Act allows an immigrant to begin working for a new H-1B employer as soon as that new employer files a petition.

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