E-2 Visa Investment: How to Prove Source of Funds

In this video attorney Jacob Sapochnick discusses an important E-2 visa subject: how do you prove source of funds for your E-2 investment?


If your source of investment is a loan: you must prove that your loan is secured by some personal property.


If your source of funds is a gift: you must prove that you have control of that gift and show the source of funds of the person that gave you the gift, for example if the funds came from the sale of the house, the documents of the sale of that house must be provided. If the funds came from savings, then the person would need to provide their savings account statements. If the funds came from someone’s salary, then pay stubs must be provided.

In general, if a person has given you a gift of money, and that is the source of your E-2 investment, that person must prove how they got the money.

Proceeds from Real Estate

If the funds are coming from the proceeds of a real estate sale then you must provide the deed, proof of the bill of sale and the transaction, etc.


If the source of funds is coming from investments such as stock, life insurance, then at least three years of tax returns must be provided, and three years of statements from those institutions.

Profits from a Business

If the source of funds is coming from profits from a business, you must provide proof of 5 years of consistent salary, income, dividends, profit and loss, from that particular business.

Funds from Gambling, Gaming, and Cryptocurrency

If your source of funds is profit from earnings (such as legitimate gambling), as long as the income was legitimately recorded in your country and you paid taxes on that money, there is a way to use those funds to invest them in a business. The applicant should provide at least 5 years of tax returns, and a letter from a certified accountant in your home country to show that it is a legitimate source of earnings. The same would be required for cryptocurrency earnings. As long as you reported the income and paid taxes, and you can document it, income from cryptocurrency can also be used in E-2 visa investment.

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