BREAKING NEWS: Trump Releases Crazy Immigration Plan Ahead of 2024 Elections!!!

Former President Donald J. Trump has launched his campaign for a second presidential term in 2024. His announcement creates important implications for immigration considering that he is likely to win the Republican nomination in the presidential race.

In this video attorney Jacob Sapochnick tells you all you need to know about his contentious new immigration plan, ahead of the election.


It is no secret that during his presidential term Donald Trump took a hardline stance on immigration which led to restrictive immigration policies that impacted thousands of immigrants and nonimmigrants worldwide.

As part of his presidential campaign, Trump recently unveiled his immigration proposals, including new measures that would create further challenges for immigrants to obtain visas to the United States. If he were to be re-elected to the office of the President, such measures would be concerning for people everywhere.

What are some of Trump’s immigration proposals if he were re-elected in 2025?

Among Donald Trump’s immigration proposals, he seeks to prioritize securing the U.S. border to prevent illegal immigration to the United States from Mexico, as well as passing a host of controversial policies limiting legal immigration.

Getting Tough on the U.S. Mexico Border

  • Trump proposes a naval blockade by the Coast Guard and U.S. Navy to stop drug smuggling boats in U.S.-Latin America waters.
  • Drug cartels would be designated as “unlawful enemy combatants,” which would allow U.S. military intervention in Mexico.
  • Completion of the Southern border wall which was part of his immigration agenda as President

Limiting Legal Immigration

  • Trump’s proposal would implement ideological screening of prospective immigrants, limiting entry for those with communist ideals.
  • Trump’s “Muslim ban” policies would be expanded to limit the entry of foreigners from specific countries.
  • Ending birthright citizenship for children of undocumented immigrants born in the United States.
  • His administration would require screening the social media accounts of immigrants, payment of bonds to enter the United States, and expand the public charge rule to require immigrants to pay for health insurance before entering the United States.
  • Enforcement of his immigration policies would require the assistance of federal government agencies including the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and possibly the National Guard to apprehend undocumented immigrants.

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